Welcome to the Summer Days

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I would like to share this excerpt background song in Welcome to the NHK episode 9. For reasons I cannot fathom I sensed a deep sorrow and longingness in this song which haunted me for a few days. Here goes [author actually singing :)]:

Sora no sukima ni kumo no yukue ni himawari mawaru
Hanabi no youri hanabira chireba kimi wa kakure
Tameiki shite kuchi wo tsuita serifu wa
Dame sa… uso sa… yume sa…

Youkoso natsu no hi
Nakushita natsu no e
Mou ichido egakou
Hagareteru san shawaa

The sunflower pins between the skies and the direction of the clouds
When the petals fall off like fireworks, you’ll hide
And while saying…
“it’s no good… it’s a lie… it’s a dream…”

Welcome to the summer days
The picture of summer was lost
Let’s draw it again.
The missing sun shower.

If I could only learn how to extract the audio track from the video then the effect would be complete. ^_^

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Did you ever find out what that song was called? i recently watched the episode and fell in love with the song, as well. I haven't been able to find the title or the author, though.

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