Manga or Anime?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This is one of the common topics in most anime and manga forums, drawing out a lot of replies and discussions. I haven’t really given an answer to it because I’m just a low-life leecher in most of those sites/forums so I’m not supposed to participate hehe. The topic suddenly crossed my mind again and made me think seriously about it. Seriously it did ^_^. Now, I don’t have technical expertise on anime and manga but I would like to share my thoughts on the matter.

I see nothing antagonistic between the two media as they practically exist on the same plane, I think that much is agreeable. Everything boils down to preference. The common objective of both media is to present a story, a plot, or an issue. They only differ in the method of how such goal is accomplished.

Anime has OP, ED and background themes; voices; and most importantly a colored moving graphic. These are the best elements that can be used to effectively present a story. On the other hand, you only see a black and white drawing and dialogues in a manga. But take note that what is surprisingly unique about mangas is that artworks and paneling are made in such a way that it actually create movements on paper. That is indeed an amazing aspect of mangas. Another point, since most of the anime come from mangas, the latter are usually more detailed storywise. You have the cases of Video Girl Ai and Ichigo 100%. The VGAi OAV covered only the first 3 volumes of the manga which are introductory parts of the 15-volume story. A lot of things happened after vol.3 and most of the issues were only explained in the latter volumes. Similarly, the 13-episode Ichigo 100% anime didn’t really give justice to the manga which I found really good. The OAV was merely snippets of the rest of the manga.

As I said, it’s a matter of preference. There are stories I would rather watch in anime and there are those I’d rather read. Happy watching and reading!^_^

(images from top to bottom: Tenko from Kamisama Kazoku and manga page from Video Girl Ai)

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