Parallel Chapter 01

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The first time I heard the title of this manga I thought it was a sci-fi flick but when I actually saw the cover page of Nekota and Hoshino, I know right then that there’s some romance in here. So I read the first chapter to see what it can offer us.

As mentioned, this is a story of Nekota and Hoshino. They are highschool classmates who are constantly bickering whenever they get near each other. But for Nekota everything seems to be a front act because deep inside he is in love with Hoshino. When he mustered enough courage to confess, he got rejected. He went straight home only to find out that his father got engaged with Hoshino’s mom and both had to leave for a vacation. This now forces Nekota and Hoshino to live under the same roof until their parents return. In the midst of emotions and a typhoon, will Nekota be overcome by his perverted thoughts? Hehe.

This is a typical highschool romantic comedy manga where you have an average pervert guy in love with a pretty-smart-and-adored-by-everyone-in-school girl, all in a backdrop of highschool hijinks and misadventures. Yes, very typical but I’m a sucker for this kind of stories ^_^. The manga spans a total of 4 volumes only so I’d expect that this will be short and straightforward and will focus mainly on the two protagonists. One can expect hilarious as well as touching moments. It has ecchi contents but only to the extent that any manga reader can appreciate.

Artwork is quite good revealing convincing facial expressions. Characters were also beautifully drawn with good background details. Hoshino looks really cute and hot. As for Nekota, he looks like your average pervert with a good heart. We all know how that looks like (see above) ^_^.

Overall, this will be an easy read and promises a typical but still enjoyable and light storyline. I’ll be following up on the next chapters.

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