Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Chapter 01

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sakura-kun is your average middle school student who has a crush on his friend and classmate Shizuki. He had this one-man exchange diary which appears to be a notebook for love testimonials (I think I have one of those in highschool hehe kidding). Now while Sakura is cheerfully writing on his notebook, a girl (Dokuro-chan) appeared from his drawer…

As the title implies (beat to death angel), there’s a lot of action in here. Dokuro-chan saw the diary and as she tried to read it Sakura panicked. Thinking he’s making the moves on her, Dokuro hacked him with a spiked club. Dokuro diced him pretty good with blood and body parts splattering all over the place (and I thought Naru’s uppercuts on Keitaro were violent hehe). For a moment I thought I was reading braveheart or 300. Yes, there’s blood in here and Sakura actually died but no worries Dokuro is a cute angel/necromancer who can revive the dead. Poor Sakura had two beatings in this chapter and I expect more blood bath in the following chapters.

This chapter doesn’t say much aside from introducing the main characters. It kinda intrigues me how Dokuro ended up in the drawer, her purpose, and where the heck did that spiked club come from?! I can only surmise that she is on some kind of a mission but one thing is certain Sakura’s gonna get a lot of clobbering in the rest of the chapters. There’s also a hint on some other characters. One or two might be angels as well. Shizuki will likely play a major role here.

The drawings are on the chibi-cute side. Not much focus on the background but paneling is good. Characters still have a lot of mysteries in them which make you want to know them more. This may be just one of those magical loli mangas but I have a feeling this may take a new spin and the plot might turn out to be good.

Again, nothing much in this chapter to base any verdict on but its building an intriguing plot. If they keep up with the clobbering thing, this will be a riot. ^_^


I've seen the anime version of this its quite funny, especially the mass amounts of blood that is present in the popular film Kill Bill. However I found that her chant "pipiru..." got annoying after a while but the comedy made up for it.

TokiDoki said...
March 28, 2007 at 10:47 PM  

fnwthe anime seems more fun to watch. and yes, that chant sounds annoying hehe. ^_^

shinji said...
March 30, 2007 at 1:20 AM  

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